Solar Flow-Through Raises $10 Million For Rooftop PV Projects In Ontario


British Columbia-based Berkley Renewables Inc. says its Solar Flow-Through LLP business has raised $10 million in the closing of a private placement initiated in August. The funds are earmarked for development and operation of commercial rooftop solar photovoltaic projects under the Ontario Power Authority's (OPA) Small Feed-In Tariff (FIT) program.

In July Solar Flow-Through and its partners received 52 Small FIT 2.1 solar PV contracts with a total capacity of 14.62 AC. These projects are expected to be developed during the next eighteen months.

In November and December, Solar Flow-Through intends to apply for additional commercial rooftop and ground-mount solar PV contracts under the OPA's Small FIT 3 program. The company is in discussions with potential partners for its applications.

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