Solar Frontier’s Massive Solar Factory Reaches Full Commercial Operation


Solar Frontier says all module production lines at its Kunitomi Plant in Miyazaki, Japan, have reached commercial operation. The company says the plant is the country's largest facility of its kind and is on track to reaching a targeted annual capacity of 900 MW.

Combined with its other existing plants, the company now has a total annual production capacity of around 1 GW. Solar Frontier says the Kunimoto factory shipped its first commercial thin-film copper indium diselenide (CIS) solar modules in February, only 16 months after breaking ground.

According to the company, its modules are able to deliver higher overall power output under real weather conditions. In operating conditions, the"light soaking," effect of CIS modules significantly increases output from initial values, while a lower temperature coefficient than crystalline silicon modules means more kilowatt-hours produced under real conditions in a wide range of climates, Solar Frontier adds.

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