Solar Group Delivers Petition To Xcel Energy In Support Of Net Metering


The Alliance for Solar Choice (TASC), an interest group that promotes net energy metering (NEM), says it delivered a petition with nearly 30,000 signatures to Xcel Energy, urging the Colorado-based utility to abandon its ‘anti-solar’ stance.

The petition, delivered by 300 supporters, urges Xcel to withdraw its 2014 Renewable Energy Standard (RES) compliance plan with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission, which requests a review of NEM costs and benefits.

Xcel Energy says the RES compliance plan does not propose to change the amount of money paid to solar customers in 2014. However, the utility is requesting that the solar customers' net costs – the benefits they receive, less the costs Xcel Energy avoids as a result of their solar systems – be clearly spelled out.

Solar sector advocates, such as the Vote Solar Initiative, say the utility used a cost and benefit study of its own design that had not yet undergone public or commission review, and that Xcel has significantly undervalued the solar power generated by its customers.

TASC has recently waged a similar campaign against the Arizona Public Service Co.'s efforts to reduce NEM incentives.

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