Solar Installation Complete For Tiffany’s NJ Distribution Centers


Powerlight, a subsidiary of SunPower Corp., has completed the installation of 1.3 MW of solar energy at Tiffany and Co.'s retail distribution centers in Whippany and Parsippany, N.J. The Whippany center's solar system has a capacity of 680 kW, while the Parsippany center can produce a capacity of 656 kW.

Composed of 6,394 solar panels and covering 104,000 square feet, Tiffany's new solar arrays will supply on average approximately 30% of the company's distribution centers' electrical load at peak demand times. In addition, lighting upgrades that reduce electrical use and improve lighting quality will help achieve an overall estimated annual project value of more than $500,000 in savings, the company says.

The project was underwritten in part by rebate incentives provided by the New Jersey Clean Energy Program, which is managed by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities.

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