Solar Inverter Company Sungrow Touts 100 GW Milestone


Solar inverter manufacturer Sungrow says it has shipped inverters supporting a total installed capacity of 100 GW worldwide. The milestone was reached with a 1 MW shipment to a 200 MW project in southeast China.

Sungrow says it is the first company of its kind to hit the 100 GW mark. The company was founded in 1997.

“Our success has always been underpinned by a 22-year track record in the industry and growing robust partnerships,” says Sungrow Chairman Cao Renxian. “We’re dedicated to strengthening international cooperation and makimng innovations in products and solutions so that more communities can be powered by clean energy in the future.”

Sungrow has been building its international footprint in solar markets such as the U.S., Latin America, Europe and Vietnam. The company says it is now the largest supplier of string and central inverters in the Americas and holds over 15% of market share in the Australian residential segment and 30% in Southeast Asia.

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Dick W.
Dick W.
4 years ago

Isn’t the “string & central inverter” maket declining rapidly? Micro inverters on each panel seem to simplify installation/support and improve efficiency.