Solar Land Partners Offering New Utility-Scale Solar Services


Solar Land Partners (SLP) has added three professional service offerings to project participants in the utility-scale solar development community.

First, the company has expanded its advisory and project development services to meet the special needs of international business firms interested in expansion, new market entry and strategic business development in this complex environment. The U.S. renewable energy markets are a complex maze of regulations, national and regional program rules, supply issues, financial uncertainties and competition, SLP says.

SLP also now offers equipment selection advice and procurement process management as an unbundled service, employing decision-making criteria for procurement officers or organizations needing this support. The standard process for technology assessment focuses primarily on modules and includes a site audit (to assess physical and economic factors), technical due diligence resulting in a short list of recommended technology choices, and manufacturer negotiations in which SLP represents your interests through the entire module procurement process.

Finally, SLP's services now include temporary staffing for local agencies needing project planning and permit review, environmental review and electrical engineering review of proposed solar facilities.

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