Solar Module Manufacturer Silevo Debuts New Hybrid Silicon Technology


Fremont, Calif.-based Silevo Inc., formerly known as Sierra Solar Power, says it has developed a new technology designed to offer improved performance-to-cost ratios for solar modules.

Silevo's proprietary Triex technology is a hybrid silicon-based PV technology that combines crystalline silicon N-type substrates, thin-film passivation layers and a tunneling oxide layer. Powered by ‘tunneling junction’ architecture, these three materials together enable the Triex module to deliver high efficiency, competitive module costs and optimal energy harvest, the company says.

The technology also eliminates the use of silver pastes (typically the second-highest-priced material in a module after silicon itself) that traditional crystalline silicon device manufacturers rely on for electrodes, the company adds. Instead, Triex uses a low-resistivity copper-based metallization process.

Silevo says it is currently producing modules in pilot production, manufacturing Triex cells that demonstrate between 20% and 21% conversion efficiency on full-size substrates. Customer qualification samples have begun shipping, with high-volume commercial production to begin the first half of 2012.

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