Solar Option For New Florida Luxury Homes


ICI Homes, a luxury community developer in Ormond Beach, Fla., is now offering optional solar power in their Sunshine State homes.

Steve Reeger, ICI Homes' special projects coordinator, explains there will be no need for a bulky photovoltaic panel installation, since the GE Solar panels are designed to blend into roofing tiles. ‘There is no big grid on the roof, these solar electric panels are in the same shape as the roof tiles and integrated in for aesthetics,’ says Reeger.

The optional solar electric panels cost about $40,000, Reeger said, but they qualify for a $20,000 rebate from the state of Florida and a $2,000 federal tax credit.

‘A 3,500 square-foot home currently under construction will have an electric bill of as little as $60 a month versus a bill for a typical home of this size of $400 to $500, allowing for this feature to pay for itself in five-to-six years or less,’ adds Reeger.

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