Solar Power Coming To San Jose’s Tech Museum


The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, Calif., will soon be receiving a new SunPower photovoltaic solar electric system. The museum announced it is acquiring a 169 kW solar system through a power purchase agreement that will allow it to benefit from on-site solar electricity generation without an upfront capital investment. The museum will be able to take advantage of federal and state tax incentives as well.

‘Every 44 minutes, the sun provides enough energy to meet the entire world's energy requirements for a year, but harnessing this natural power source remains one of the great engineering challenges of our time,’ says Peter Friess, president of the museum. ‘Representing the 'spirit of Silicon Valley,' it is The Tech's duty to apply the latest environmental innovations to our operations so that we can lead by example.’

‘The Tech Museum's SunPower solar system will showcase solar power in downtown San Jose, demonstrating how affordable clean, reliable solar power is today,’ says Tom Werner, chief executive officer at SunPower.

The new solar system will be installed in early spring 2008.

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