Solar Power Technologies Introduces Clarity Monitoring System For PV Plants


Solar Power Technologies Inc., a provider of monitoring and optimization products for large-scale solar arrays, has introduced the Clarity system, a suite of hardware and software components designed to maximize the performance of commercial- and utility-scale solar sites.

The Clarity system includes optimization and monitoring hardware products that can be deployed at the string level or panel level to maximize energy harvest, as well as wireless communications and infrastructure products that enable scaling to the largest utility sites, the company says.

The Clarity system also includes a suite of cloud-based software management tools – the Intelligent Array – that are designed to deliver clear and concise actionable information by analyzing array performance, diagnosing impairments and precisely identifying remedial action to improve financial performance of solar assets.

The design of the Clarity system enables optimizers and monitors to be interchanged within an array and scaled from full array coverage down to the string level, or used with selective coverage based on site-specific concerns or financial requirements, Solar Power Technologies adds. The Clarity system can pinpoint array performance problems down to the panel level with an accuracy of 0.5%, according to the company.

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