Solar-Powered Rolling On The River


Canadian musician James Gordon loves solar power so much that he wants to sing. Which, in fact, is what he is planning to do next summer in a series of waterfront concerts aboard his solar-equipped houseboat.

According to an article in the Guelph Mercury, an Ontario daily newspaper, Gordon is combining his skills as a singer/songerwriter with his enthusiasm for alternative energy to create a musical tribute to life off-the-grid. Gordon has announced plans to navigate his 25-foot-long solar-powered wooden houseboat, The Eramosa Belle, along the Trent-Severn Waterway, a Canadian canal system, during summer 2008. Along the route, Gordon will hold waterfront concerts from the 8-by-10 foot stage on his houseboat.

Gordon told the Guelph Mercury: ‘It's been my dream to build a boat that's environmentally friendly.’ Gordon is also cites riparian influences as a creative driving force, with a recently produced CD featuring songs about 13 of Ontario's rivers.

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