Solar System Complete On DEP Rooftop


The installation of a 4.8 kW solar photovoltaic (PV) system on the roof of the Department of Environmental Protection's (DEP) southeast regional office building in Norristown, Pa., is complete.

Funding for the solar system was provided by BP North America in partnership with DEP and the Sustainable Development Fund. Chester County-based Mesa Environmental Sciences Inc. was the project team leader and was selected by BP to design, install and maintain the system.

The new system consists of 30 160 W polycrystalline solar PV modules manufactured by BP Solar, an affiliate of BP. The system will feed 4.8 kW of solar power to supply a portion of the building's power needs and charge eight emergency backup batteries to provide at least 24 hours of backup power in the event of a blackout, the companies say. The panels will generate approximately 5,343 kWh per year over the expected 30-year life of the modules, which will eliminate the emission of 7,804 pounds of carbon dioxide annually.

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