Solar Systems In Senegal Face Growing Challenges


According to a recent report by IRIN News, numerous planning, maintenance and support problems have threatened an effort to utilize solar energy systems in Senegal's remote Sine Saloum Delta region. The systems were initially well received by many residents and have proven useful in certain conditions.

However, local technicians are often not properly trained in system upkeep, causing many systems installed in recent years to now deliver only a reduced capacity or fail to work altogether.

In addition, many homeowners in this rural region of Africa are unwilling or unable to pay the fees associated with the photovoltaic systems. IRIN News found that this lack of income reduces funds available for maintaining the systems – as well as residents' confidence in the systems.

The results of this project, which is the largest of its kind in Senegal, may serve as an indicator of whether similar installations are viable solutions for electrifying other areas in Senegal.

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