Solar Technology Evaluation Lab Opens In Silicon Valley


Engineering and construction services company Cupertino Electric Inc. says it has commissioned a solar technology evaluation laboratory that will gather module, inverter and racking performance and installation data at its San Jose, Calif., headquarters.

The lab includes 18 technologies installed in a construction site-type environment that generate data regarding performance, price, installation technique, longevity and quality.

The lab features inverters, solar photovoltaic modules, distributed optimization technology, inverters and racking systems. The rooftop PV modules evaluated in the lab include polycrystalline, monocrystalline, thin film, CdTl, CIGS and AC modules alongside micro-inverters and distributed optimization technologies. Various integrated, elevated and rail racking systems are also being evaluated at the facility.

All of the technologies offered at the lab are modeled and monitored through Cupertino Electric's own custom-built asset management platform, along with meteorological data displayed on a kiosk and accessible via the cloud.

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