Solar Test Facility On Fort Mojave Reservation Complete


Renewvia Energy Corp., in cooperation with Aha Macav Power Services (AMPS) and Clean Energy Capital, has commenced operations of a 4 kW solar test facility located on the Fort Mojave Indian Reservation, which spans areas in California, Arizona and Nevada.

The test facility is collecting production data on the thin-film solar modules from Sharp Solar while providing power to the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe through the AMPS electrical grid.

Renewvia teamed with AMPS to build the module test facility while in discussions to finalize a joint-venture agreement with the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe to develop a 24.4 MW solar farm installation, which will involve a capital cost of $80 million.

Clean Energy Capital facilitated the testing arrangements with AMPS. Renewvia is currently marketing to various utilities in the southwestern U.S., and a power purchase agreement is expected to be signed by the first quarter of 2011.

SOURCE: Renewvia Energy Corp.

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