Solar Thermal Systems Installed On Municipal Buildings In North Carolina


North Carolina-based Southern Energy Management (SEM) says it has equipped six existing facilities and two new fire stations that are still under construction with new solar thermal water heating systems. The rooftop additions are part of a larger environmental sustainability effort by the city of Greensboro.

SEM installed all of the systems, along with one more with Pepco Energy, on the roof of Greensboro's city hall, the Melvin Municipal Office Building. Each installation includes two, three or four solar thermal collectors which pre-heat water that is sent to existing hot-water storage tanks, lessening the need for traditional electric- or natural gas-heated hot water tanks, SEM explains.

The solar installations are part of Greensboro's Sustainability Action Plan, in which the city plans to invest in both PV and solar thermal systems in the coming years. The plan also calls for increased energy efficiency and green building practices in municipal buildings.

SOURCE: Southern Energy Management

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