Solar Thin Films Signs Three-Year Marketing Agreement With CG Solar


Solar Thin Films Inc. has signed a three-year marketing agreement with CG Solar, under which Solar Thin Films will initially have non-exclusive rights to distribute CG Solar's photovoltaic products within North America and Europe. Solar Thin Films will receive exclusive rights to distribute CG Solar's photovoltaic products within North America, for the duration of the marketing agreement, upon the aggregate sale of 3 MW of CG Solar's product within North America and Europe.

The agreement covers CG Solar's existing product, as well as the unreleased transparent product for building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) applications. Solar Thin Films will work in conjunction with CG Solar to obtain required approvals for CG Solar's photovoltaic modules in the United States and Canada. The agreement provides Solar Thin Films with a discounted price that will be further discounted upon the achievement of certain sales milestones.

‘We are delighted to be associated with CG Solar and China Glass,’ says Peter Lewis, CEO of Solar Thin Films. ‘CG Solar provides us with high-quality, dependable products. We are excited to represent CG Solar's innovative transparent technology, as it will be an ideal resource for BIPV applications.’

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