Solar Tops Survey Of Public Support For Renewables In U.K.


Citing published figures, the U.K.-based Renewable Energy Association (REA) reports that 76% of respondents surveyed by the government ‘support the use of renewable energy for providing our electricity, fuel and heat.’ Support for solar power was especially strong, with 82% of those surveyed favoring the technology.

The REA says this is the same level of support as the last time the U.K.'s Department of Energy and Climate Change's quarterly Public Attitudes Tracking Survey was conducted. The latest edition, which collected data between Sept. 25 and Sept. 29, reveals no more than a ±1% change in support for any of the renewable technologies covered in the survey, the REA says.

Public support for various renewables technologies breaks down as follows:

  • Overall: 76%
  • Solar: 82%
  • Offshore wind: 72%
  • Wave and tidal: 71%
  • Onshore wind: 66%
  • Biomass: 60%

‘This is a timely reminder that renewables enjoy higher levels of public support than any other energy generation technology,’ says REA CEO Nina Skorupska. ‘However, we know we cannot afford to be complacent, as more and more people are struggling to pay their fuel bills. We support the government's intention to ensure costs to consumers are kept to a minimum, provided they do not undermine jobs and investment in the green economy. Our members are poised to deliver – and the U.K. desperately needs new low carbon plant this decade – but government must give unequivocal clarity on continued financial support to unlock these investments.’

The REA has recently expressed concern about the U.K. government's commitment to renewable energy.

Skorupska also says renewables will not need subsidy forever, and foresees the more mature technologie – such as onshore wind and solar PV – becoming competitive in the energy market without subsidy in years, not decades. We help you get A’s and in return, you help us become a better essay paper writing service. Support managers are often asked, “Will you write my essays in one day? In fact, the time needed for our writer to complete your work depends on several factors. A high-quality dissertation is impossible to finish in one day as it requires deep research, analysis of a large number of resources.

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