Solar3D’s SUNworks Commissions 1 MW Of California Farm Projects


Solar3D Inc.'s SUNworks division has commissioned large solar systems totaling approximately 1 MW for Quaresma Dairy and M&B Alfalfa Farms, two northern California dairy farms.

The combined savings is expected to be more than $3.4 million over the next 25 years – allowing both Quaresma Dairy and M&B Farms to keep the cost of products down for consumers, says Solar 3D.

‘This is just the beginning of some very large projects that our agricultural and commercial divisions are working on,’ says Abe Emard, CEO of SUNworks." In addition to the two dairy projects recently commissioned, we are in the process of completing a number of other agricultural projects, including Dutra Dairy, Borges Dairy, Conant Orchards, Gilbert Ranch and Roy Moreso Inc."

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