SolarAttic Releases 3G Solar Pool Heater


Elk River, Minn.-based SolarAttic Inc. has released its third-generation solar pool heater. The PCS3 – ‘pool convection system three’ – is only available through factory dealers, the company notes.

‘In addition to the lower monthly operating costs, the PCS3 features the Maximizer technology used to improve heat transfer from the attic to the pool,’ says Ed Palmer, president of SolarAttic. ‘The PCS3, hidden inside the attic, offers customers solar pool heating without having to use solar panels.’

With SolarAttic's product, the existing pool pump sends the pool water to a simple air-to-liquid heat exchanger located in the attic. A fan pulls the hot attic air across a water coil, heating up the pool water.

SolarAttic: (763) 441-3440

SOURCE: SolarAttic

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