SolarBOS Introduces New Solar Recombiners For Large Projects


SolarBOS Inc., a provider of electrical balance-of-system components, has introduced a new line of recombiners designed for large commercial and utility-scale PV systems.

The products are listed to UL 1741 for up to 1,000 VDC and 2,560 A, the company says. They can also be specified with disconnects or contactors that meet the new fuse servicing requirements of the 2011 National Electrical Code Article 690.16.B.

The recombiners can also be specified with what SolarBOS says is the industry's first true ground fault interruption solution for PV systems in North America. By using a differential current sensor to detect leakage current in the array wiring, the recombiners can be set to automatically disconnect the ungrounded conductors as soon as a single-sided ground fault is detected. This eliminates the possibility of a ‘double ground fault’ fire, the company explains.

In addition, the new recombiners are more compact and economical to manufacture than previous designs, thereby resulting in lower equipment costs for SolarBOS' customers, the company says.

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