SolarBridge Introduces New Pantheon Micro-Inverter


SolarBridge Technologies, a developer of module-integrated micro-inverters, has developed a frame-attached version of its Pantheon micro-inverter.

With this model, SolarBridge's module-manufacturer partners will attach the Pantheon micro-inverter to the corner of the PV module frame in their factories. This solution provides a low field installation cost, as there are no inverters and AC bus cables to install, no DC cables to manage, and no separate ground wires to run, the company says.

Although the initial Pantheon micro-inverter is frame-attached, a future version will feature an integral design that completely eliminates the junction box and all DC wiring on the back of the module.

The frame-attached micro-inverter has achieved UL 1741 certification and is produced by Celestica in Dongguan, China, the company adds.

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