SolarBridge Technologies Debuts AC Photovoltaic Module System


SolarBridge Technologies has launched the SolarBridge AC Module System, a complete micro-inverter solution that enables the industry's first integrated AC modules with a full 25-year warranty, the company says.

SolarBridge is partnering with photovoltaic module manufacturers to bring AC modules to market. Kyocera Solar Inc. and SunPower Corp. are two of these partners, and additional companies are at varying stages of joint product development.

SolarBridge-enabled AC modules increase PV system reliability and energy harvest, while reducing installation costs as compared to traditional, DC-based systems with central inverters, according to SolarBridge. The SolarBridge Pantheon micro-inverter and PV-DockTM replace today's junction box and are integrated directly onto the back of a solar module during module manufacturing.

The SolarBridge AC Module System is covered by 36 patents (15 issued, 21 pending) and comprises the SolarBridge Pantheon micro-inverter, SolarBridge PV-Dock, SolarBridge Power Manager and SolarBridge Power Portal.

SOURCE: SolarBridge Technologies

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