SolarBuyer, PV Evolution Labs To Offer Supplier-Qualification Program


SolarBuyer, a Boston-based specialized procurement management company, has partnered with PV Evolution Labs (PVEL), a Berkeley, Calif.-based PV module testing laboratory, in order to offer a new PV module buying service that integrates supplier qualification and quality assurance into the procurement of PV modules for investors, banks, project developers, and engineering, procurement and construction contractors.

According to the companies, the partnership enables solar investors and module buyers in North America to qualify suppliers based on a rigorous testing and auditing process, as well as allows buyers to independently ensure the quality of individual PV module purchases, both before and after shipment.

The new supplier qualification program, which includes in-depth factory audits and product reliability testing, will identify potential risks and ensure the selection of the right suppliers for a particular project. Targeted quality assurance will then be applied during the actual build, delivery and site acceptance of the modules for a specific project, the companies explain.

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