SolarCity, Balfour Beatty Communities Bring Solar To Navy Bases


SolarCity says it and Balfour Beatty Communities, a diversified real estate services company, have completed more than 1,300 rooftop solar installations at Balfour Beatty Communities-managed U.S. Navy housing communities located in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island.

Under the partnership, SolarCity designs, builds and maintains the solar panels, and Balfour Beatty Communities purchases the power they produce. These new installations represent the first East Coast projects of SolarStrong, SolarCity’s plan to build more than $1 billion in solar projects to provide power to 120,000 military homes throughout the U.S.

The new projects brought more than 7.5 MW of solar power generation capacity to the residential housing areas at five Navy bases located in the Northeast. This effort builds on the 13.3 MW of rooftop solar that Balfour Beatty Communities and SolarCity partnered to develop across the Balfour Beatty Communities-managed housing at Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas.

“The SolarStrong initiative to install rooftop solar power at Naval facilities along the East Coast will help bring sustainable power to countless military personnel in New York as well as their families,” comments U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. “This project is a win-win because the solar energy installations will help save money and benefit the environment, and I am delighted that SolarCity has focused on such an important cause.”

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