SolarCity Establishes Solar Referral Program For Nonprofits


SolarCity has introduced a new referral program that enables nonprofit organizations of all sizes to raise funds by adopting solar.

The energy provider has pledged to donate $200 to each organization that signs up through a reference by an existing SunRaising partner. Homeowners who go solar through a SunRaising partner will also receive their system’s first month of power for free.

More than 100 nonprofit organizations – including food banks, hospitals, booster clubs, community centers, schools and recreational groups – have already joined and made referrals under the SunRaising program. The program has helped more than 400 homeowners take steps toward going solar while helping to raise thousands of dollars.

Riverkeeper, an environmental organization dedicated to protecting the Hudson River and the watersheds that provide drinking water for New York City, was one of the first SunRaising partners.

‘Solar is both viable and economical for most home and business owners in New York and can play a large role in protecting one of America’s greatest rivers, the Hudson,’ says Paul Gallay, president of Riverkeeper. ‘One of the greatest threats to the Hudson is an aging nuclear power plant, so not only does SolarCity lower New Yorker’s energy bills, but when consumers opt for solar, it plays an integral part in replacing the power from this harmful plant and others like it.’

Desert Sands Educational Foundation, a Southern California nonprofit focused on strengthening public education, also became a SunRaising partner earlier this year and has already generated 20 referrals through word of mouth and social media promotions.

Nonprofits can enroll in the SunRaising program now by visiting the registration website. Once enrolled, each organization will be assigned a local SolarCity energy consultant to help get them started.

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