SolarCity Installs 1.5 MW At California School District


SolarCity plans to install a 1.5 MW solar power project that will bring renewable energy to eight Barstow (California) Unified School District (BUSD) schools and facilities.

The solar installations are expected to save the district $112,000 in their first year and roughly $5.3 million over the next 20 years, according to SolarCity. They will offset an average of 70% percent of each of the eight facilities' electricity needs.

BUSD is also expected to benefit from net-metering provisions that will provide credit for surplus energy sent to the grid.

SolarCity will install solar on the following BUSD facilities: Cameron Elementary School, Crestline Elementary School, Henderson Elementary School, Montara Elementary School, Barstow Junior High School, Barstow High School, Central High School and the Barstow District Office.

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