SolarCity Introduces Canopy Mounting System, Web Monitoring System


SolarCity, a provider of solar power system design, financing, installation, monitoring and related services, has released its Canopy Mounting System, which suspends solar panels along the roofline so they blend seamlessly with the home.

According to the company, the system optimizes performance, improves reliability, reduces installation costs and enhances the aesthetics of rooftop solar panels. Canopy's low-profile, all-black attachments blend into the background, while its quick-latch mechanism allows the solar system to be trimmed straight on even the waviest of roof surfaces.

SolarCity also announced the release of SolarGuard 2.0, a graphical, Web-based energy monitoring system with a range of new features. The system includes the ability to measure electricity usage to give SolarCity customers a real-time view of net energy consumption and carbon footprint.

SolarCity: (888) 765-2489.

Source: SolarCity

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