SolarCity Program Offers Energy Storage And California Fixed-Rate Pricing


SolarCity's Homebuilder Program is now offering a new energy storage service and a low, fixed-rate solar power offering for California homebuilders and their buyers.

Founded in 2011, the SolarCity Homebuilder Program works with builders across the U.S. to give new home buyers the option to add solar power systems without increasing the home's purchase price and pay less for solar electricity than they would otherwise pay for utility power.

The program is now taking orders for solar and home energy storage systems. The new energy storage service, in conjunction with solar power, includes the Tesla Powerwall battery pack, advanced hybrid inverter, monitoring and control systems, and a warranty and service agreement.

Although battery backup is the primary application, depending on utility service territory, SolarCity's management system may in the future enable the Powerwall to be configured for a broad range of uses, including time-of-use shifting and grid response.

Additionally, SolarCity says the Homebuilder Program now offers solar energy through homebuilder partners at a cost equivalent to the lowest standard residential electricity rates of California's largest utilities.

This new program provides the benefits of solar energy at no upfront cost to the builder or buyer. It also allows new buyers who are customers of California's largest utilities to lock in a fixed solar energy rate for the next 20 years at the lowest standard, Tier 1 rate their utility offers at signing, the company says.

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