SolarCraft Completes Solar Electric System At CA Winery


SolarCraft, a Novato, Calif.-based solar energy contractor and retailer, has completed the design and installation of a 33 kW solar electric system for Dutcher Crossing in Healdsburg, Calif. The project, which includes the winery building and Estate House on the property, consists of 195 Mitsubishi 170 W solar panels, both ground- and roof-mounted.

Dutcher Crossing's new solar system generates enough clean electricity each day to power 26 average homes, SolarCraft notes. In addition, the new system will spare the air nearly 29 tons of harmful greenhouse gases annually, or 880 tons over the life of the system, and the system will pay for itself in approximately 6 years.

‘Our commitment to improving the environment and sustainable farming practices is extremely important to us at Dutcher Crossing,’ says Dutcher Crossing representative Jim Stevens. ‘We are excited to inform our customers that we have recently installed a solar energy system at the winery with the goal of being energy independent. The system was designed by SolarCraft to esthetically blend into our beautiful natural vineyard surrounding.’

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