SolarEdge Debuts New Power Optimizers And Photovoltaic Safety Products


SolarEdge Technologies Inc., a provider of solar power optimization products, has introduced a new series of module power optimizers and a string-monitoring combiner box with ground fault detection and interruption (GFDI) per string.

According to the company, the new power optimizers have an efficiency of 99.5% and enable production of up to 25% more energy and faster return on investment in residential, commercial and large-scale PV systems, through module-level multiple power-point tracking and monitoring. With a chipset and 32% lower part count, the new power optimizers are also 40% smaller in size than their predecessors.

The string-monitoring combiner box with internal disconnect per string and GFDI is designed to provide safety, performance monitoring and control for commercial and large-scale PV sites. Ground leaking strings are automatically alerted and isolated through up to 64 individual string disconnects, controlled and monitored locally and remotely, ensuring safety without interference to the performance of other strings or of the solar inverter, the company explains.

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