SolarEdge Introduces New Commercial Storage System


SolarEdge Technologies, a smart energy company that develops and markets solar inverters, has introduced its Commercial Storage System (CSS), which is expected to be commercially available in the second half of 2024.

Designed for small-to-medium commercial PV installations, the DC-coupled CSS provides 58 kWh of battery capacity and is suitable for indoor use. Able to connect up to eight batteries per inverter, it will deliver up to 460 kWh of storage capacity and offers the ability to synchronize solar battery and site-level energy management.

The DC-coupled battery architecture eliminates the triple-conversion penalty, with two less AC-to-DC power conversions compared to AC-coupled alternatives, delivering industry-leading round-trip efficiency and higher PV oversizing.

The CSS is designed to integrate with SolarEdge’s Energy Management ecosystem, enabling system owners to further reduce payback periods by utilizing more stored energy for peak shaving, leveraging higher PV self-consumption and capitalizing on Time-of-Use rates, grid services and support for EV charging.

Lightweight, compact and modular, the CSS is designed for easy transportation and installation; it can be handled by a two-person team. Small and medium-sized enterprises will also have the flexibility to scale-up their storage capacity by adding more batteries as their needs increase.

The battery will feature SolarEdge’s multi-layered suite of embedded safety features, which includes arc detection, and is expected to be certified for UL 9540A for indoor use.

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