SolarEdge Introduces New PV Power Optimizer With IndOP


SolarEdge Technologies has launched a new solar power optimizer featuring the new IndOP technology.

The unit can be installed without the need for additional interface hardware and can operate directly with any inverter. This patent-pending technology removes interface hardware as an obstacle to the widespread installation of power optimizers, according to SolarEdge.

‘We also succeeded in reducing the number of parts compared to previous models by 50 percent, which allowed us to design a much smaller product with increased durability and efficiency,’ says Lior Handelsman, vice president of product strategy and business development at SolarEdge.

‘IndOP makes it much easier to introduce smart modules with integrated SolarEdge technology into the market, and even old PV arrays may now be upgraded more easily with our power optimizers, minimizing power losses due to uneven degradation and increasing mismatches,’ Handelsman adds.

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