SolarEdge System Undergoes NREL-Designed Tests


The results of a series of tests designed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and conducted by PV Evolution Labs (PVEL) to measure the performance of inverter technologies in various shading conditions indicate that the SolarEdge optimized system generates 2%, 5% and over 8% more energy than traditional string inverters in light, medium and heavy shading scenarios, respectively.Â

The tests determined the annual percentage of energy recovered by power optimizers and micro-inverters when compared to traditional string inverter systems in shaded conditions. The SolarEdge system outperformed all systems in annual energy production.

‘The SolarEdge system yielded more energy than the string inverter system in all tests. On an annual average, the SolarEdge system recovered 24.8 percent of energy lost due to shading, while the micro-inverter system recovered 23.2 percent,’ says Matt Donovan of PVEL.

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