Solarfun Unveils SolarIris BIPV Module


Solarfun Power Holdings Co. Ltd., a vertically integrated manufacturer of silicon ingots, wafers and photovoltaic cells and modules, has developed the SolarIris line of building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) modules. The company will formally launch the SolarIris line at the upcoming Intersolar conference in Munich, Germany.

Building on its years of expertise in BIPV, Solarfun says it integrated its high-efficiency cells into a new module that is both highly reliable and aesthetically pleasing. As with the rest of Solarfun's lineup of PV cells and modules, the SolarIris modules will also comply with the quality standards that are widely followed in the industry, including ISO 9001, TUV, CE and UL.Â

SolarIris improves on the typical visual trade-off of other hollow BIPV modules due to the effects of soldering on the back of a cell. The module features highly visible and visually pleasing artistic patterns and designs, Solarfun says.

Built with three layers of glass, SolarIris conforms to architectural requirements for glass thickness and strength, allowing it to be easily and safely integrated into the roof or walls of a structure. In addition, high light transmittance and insolation properties make SolarIris suitable for greenhouses, skylights and windows.

Solarfun Power Holdings Co. Ltd.: 86 2126022888

SOURCE: Solarfun Power Holdings Co. Ltd.

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