Solargenix Offers Solar Thermal Kits, Clarifies Name


Solargenix Energy LLC, based in Chicago, says it will now provide customers the opportunity to purchase complete Winston Series Solar Thermal System Kits. The initial residential package will be for an 80-gallon indirect system.

These kits will streamline the process of ordering, stocking and installation by providing the required equipment and facilitating the timely bidding of projects, especially when time is of the essence, the company explains. Maintaining a consistent stock of the necessary parts and components for solar thermal systems can be a daunting task for dealers, distributors and general contractors.

All kits are composed of quality, industry-standard components designed to meet the strictest building codes and afford optimum life span for the systems. The kits include the WS0503 CPC (Compound Parabolic Concentrating) Winston Series Solar Thermal Collector, a storage tank with an in-line heat exchanger, an expansion tank, a differential controller, sensors and all the gauges and fittings necessary to complete the installation.

In addition, the company notes that for the past five years, there has been some confusion among industry colleagues regarding the Solargenix name. Solargenix Energy Inc. was acquired by the Spanish company Acciona as part of its investment in the solar power plant industry and is now known as Acciona Solar Power. However, Solargenix Energy LLC is a separate entity that is focused on the residential and commercial applications of solar thermal technologies. Solargenix Energy LLC continues to manufacture the WS0503 Collector under the original name.

SOURCE: Solargenix Energy LLC

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