SolarMax Introduces RX A Central Inverter For U.S. Utility-Scale PV Market


Switzerland-based SolarMax has launched its SolarMax RX A central inverter for the U.S. market. Available in 500 kW and 600 kW versions, the RX A is an outdoor-rated central inverter intended for utility-scale projects.

The RX A inverter consists of four independent power units (125 kW or 150kW), each with an independent maximum power point tracker. SolarMax, which has its U.S. headquarters in Atlanta, Ga., says the use of separate trackers minimizes power loss in the event of partial array shading caused by cloud movement or varying module orientation. The RX A also features independent DC wiring input, which eliminates the need for fuses. SolarMax says multiple RX A units can be connected to to one medium-voltage transformer.

The forced air-cooled inverters can operate in ambient temperatures up to 50 degrees C. SolarMax's RX A inverters are available as stand-alone units for pad mounting or as part of an integrated skid solution (ISS). The ISS includes one to four RX A inverter units, a shared medium-voltage transformer and auxiliary transformers and power distribution capabilities to support monitoring or supervisory control and data acquisition equipment.

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