Solarmer Notes Plastic Cell Efficiency Results


Solarmer Energy Inc., a developer of organic photovoltaics (OPV), plans to present its new independently verified top-end efficiency of 6.31% at 2009's Organic Photovoltaics conference in Philadelphia.

Dr. Yue Wu, Solarmer's director of research and development, will present these results and Solarmer's progress toward the manufacture of plastic solar cells. Solarmer focuses on the development and manufacture of plastic solar cells that are translucent, flexible and lightweight.

‘We're hoping to generate a lot of excitement with this recent breakthrough,’ says Solarmer President Woolas Hsieh. ‘It gives me confidence that we will have commercial products on the market in 2010.’

The 6.31% efficiency rating was independently verified by the Dr. Zadoyan Group in the Technology and Applications Center at Newport Corp.

SOURCE: Solarmer Energy Inc.

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