Solaroad Technologies Introduces ElectraWall Solar PV System


Solaroad Technologies Group LLC has introduced the ElectraWall – a light-harvesting electrical generator and accumulator that makes use of existing infrastructure to provide on-demand power.

The ElectraWall photovoltaic system features a patented cylindrical design that is not dependent on the sun's angle of incidence and, therefore, does not require direct sunlight to function, the company says. The system is capable of collecting and storing energy from various outdoor locations, such as rooftops, highway infrastructures, light poles, decks and fences. It can also be used as a back-up generator for institutions, business buildings and residential communities.

Solaroad Technologies adds that ElectraWall features conductor-track mounting technology. The tracks are mounted onto the desired surface, and the ElectraWall devices simply clip into slots on the track and become both mechanically and electrically connected.

Solaroad Technologies: (410) 769-6464

SOURCE: Solaroad Technologies

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