Solar’s Smart Collectors Receive SRCC Certification


Solar's Smart, a designer and manufacturer of renewable energy systems, has received formal Solar Rating and Certification Corp. (SRCC) industry certification for its Smart 10, 15 and 20 solar thermal collectors.

Designed for use in domestic hot water, radiant home heat and swimming-pool heating applications, Smart Collectors are tested at the factory, are lightweight, and come fully assembled to reduce labor up to 75% during installation, the company says.

Smart Collectors are engineered to withstand hailstones of up to one-inch diameter and wind gusts up to 155 mph. They feature a lightweight aluminum frame and stainless-steel manifold that will not scale or rust.

The condenser end of the collector's patented heat pipe design is screwed to the manifold, which allows it to be plugged directly into the liquid flowing through the manifold so that heat transfer extends inside the evacuated borosilicate glass heat tubes. According to the company, heat-transfer efficiency is higher, and the temperature inside the glass tube is lower than in other collectors, resulting in rubber and plastic seals that retain their insulation and have a longer life with continued high performance as the panels age.

SOURCE: Solar's Smart

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