SolarTech Presents Online Project-Permitting Competition


SolarTech says it has launched an industry-wide competition to develop online permitting solutions that will reduce time and eliminate the redundant paperwork associated with the permitting of solar systems. This work is in line with the consortium's goal to reduce permitting cycle time by 50% by 2011.

The challenge requires software providers to formulate teams with cities, integrators and utilities to develop a pilot solution and an online process for solar permitting. The winning team will lead a public demonstration at the SolarTech / CALSEIA Summit April 21-22, 2010.

‘Integrators cover multiple jurisdictions in the course of business and often have to travel multiple times to finalize a permit,’ says Doug Payne, executive director of SolarTech. ‘The process creates exorbitant hidden costs that impact profit margins and slow down industry growth.’

SOURCE: SolarTech

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