Solarwatt Introduces Easy-In PV System With Energy-Management Features


Solarwatt AG, based in Dresden, Germany, has debuted the Solarwatt Easy-In system, an in-roof system designed specifically for pitched roofs that will also be available with an intelligent energy management system. The system replaces conventional roofing while generating solar power that can either be used on site or fed into the grid, the company explains.

‘We are breaking new technological ground with the portal because a solution like this has never been available in combination with a photovoltaic system before,’ says Robert Patries, product manager. ‘We will also be launching a solution for mobile applications at the start of 2012.’

With the system, users can monitor PV system output and optimize the use of the electricity generated. For instance, if the sun is shining particularly brightly, electricity-intensive appliances (such as air conditioners or dryers) could be switched on remotely via the end device, Solarwatt says.

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