SolarWorld AG Plans To Double Its Freiberg Solar Capacity


Germany-headquartered SolarWorld AG, a producer and provider of solar power technology with offices in the U.S., has announced it will double its production capacity of its solar silicon wafers from 250 MW to 500 MW at the Freiberg, Germany, facility.

This expansion, which will occur over the next 28 months, is a result of integrating the crystalline solar activities of Shell Solar, a renewable energy sector of the Shell Group. According to SolarWorld AG, 50% of the company's new capacity has already been sold until 2018 through long-term supply contracts.

The solar silicon needed for the production of the 500 MW of solar wafers is secured by long-term delivery agreements with international silicon producers, the establishment of its own silicon factories and its Freiberg recycling facility, the company adds.

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