SolarWorld AG Sponsors Solar Motor Sports


SolarWorld AG, a Colorado Springs, Colo.-based provider of solar power products, has announced it is sponsoring FH Bochum, the Germany-based University of Applied Sciences, in its solar car race at the World Solar Challenge in Australia.

The World Solar Challenge is a seven-day international race that will take place on Oct. 21-28, 2007. Engineers at the university will build the solar car in cooperation with SolarWorld AG, the company says.

‘The future of our energy supply lies in renewables and will increasingly be based on solar power,’ says Frank H. Asbeck, SolarWorld AG's chairman and chief executive officer. ‘At this point, incentives and the right signals have to be given to the next generation of scientists and engineers.’

SolarWorld AG is FH Bochum's main sponsor for this event. The roughly 50 students will compete under the ‘SolarWorld No.1’ team name, the company adds.

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