SolarWorld, Enphase Complete 902 kW PV Array


Strain Ranches, a diversified agricultural operation in Arbuckle, Calif., has commissioned a 902 kW solar array to power its commercial rice drying and storage business. The system features solar panels from SolarWorld and micro-inverters from Enphase.

Cultivating 12,000 acres of farmland for the production of nuts, rice and alfalfa, Strain Ranches is an intensive user of electricity, SolarWorld says. The company's new ground-mounted solar installation includes approximately 3,760 SolarWorld solar panels and covers nearly three acres adjacent to the company's rice-drying facility.

The system will offset approximately 25% of Strain Ranches' company-wide energy consumption and virtually eliminate the utility costs associated with the rice dryer, according to SolarWorld.

The array was designed and installed by North State Solar Energy, a solar electric contractor that specializes in agricultural solar projects, and Renewable Design Solutions, a photovoltaic design and consulting firm.

The system is also one of the largest ground-mounted projects in the world to use micro-inverter technology, the companies note.

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