SolarWorld, sonnen And PetersenDean Partner On U.S. Solar-Plus-Storage Offering


Crystalline-silicon solar manufacturer SolarWorld has teamed up with sonnen Inc. and PetersenDean to provide integrated solar-plus-storage solutions to the U.S. market.

sonnen is a European energy storage company that has opened a new headquarters office in Los Angeles, and PetersenDean is a U.S.-based residential roofing company and a strategic partner of SolarWorld. The companies will work together to provide solar-plus-storage products using the sonnenBatterie eco energy-storage system to PetersenDean customers.

“Solar has seen tremendous growth over the past decade in the U.S. market, and all signs point to continued growth,” says Ardes Johnson, SolarWorld’s U.S. vice president for sales and marketing. “Energy storage stands at the beginning stages of adoption, and with companies like sonnen driving technology, we see this market achieving a similar growth trajectory as solar.”

sonnen designs and manufactures its residential and commercial systems to be used in backup or stand-alone applications. The systems provide such features as remote energy management, peak-shaving, full-home backup, smart-home integration and grid-services features.

“We are focused on the growth of clean, reliable and affordable energy for all. Our partnership with SolarWorld to offer an integrated solar-plus-storage product to PetersenDean customers nationwide is an important step in realizing this goal,” says Boris von Bormann, U.S. CEO of sonnen. “Our proven storage technology, developed and manufactured in the U.S., empowers customers to become energy-independent and to manage their self-produced energy.”

Erin Clark, president of PetersenDean’s solar division, says sonnenBatteries fit well within the company’s Solar4America campaign, which taps U.S. products and labor in spreading solar across the nation’s rooftops.

“They’re right in our swim lane,” comments Clark. “We are all resolved to offer complete solar solutions that include and promote the arrival of storage.”

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