Solectria Offers Accessory Enhancements For Its Transformerless Inverters


Solectria Renewables, a U.S.-based PV inverter manufacturer, has introduced installation accessories for its PVI 14-36TL and PVI 3800-7600TL transformerless inverters. The company says the accessories reduce overall installation costs and time.

The new accessories for the PVI 14-36TL, three-phase, transformerless inverters include the following:

Shade Cover:
Especially designed for inverters mounted at a 15-degree tilt angle, the cover protects the inverter from harsh weather and direct sunlight/extremely hot temperatures while reducing thermal gain on the inverter and increasing energy harvest.

AC & DC Disconnect Covers: The tamper-resistant covers are designed for inverters in public places so that the AC & DC disconnects cannot be turned while the inverter is running.

Mounting Bracket: The ballasted mounting system allows inverters to be mounted with no roof penetration at a 15- or 30-degree angle.

Solectria has also introduced a rapid shutdown combiner option that can be paired with its single-phase residential inverter offering, PVI 3800-7600TL. The company says the option offers customers a solution to NEC 2014, Article 690.12, requiring single-phase installations to shut down immediately at the source if the inverter cannot be mounted near the array.

"Solectria Renewables continuously seeks to improve its products and its customers' overall system and installation costs," says Phil Vyhanek, president of Solectria Renewables." The new transformerless options enhance Solectria's product offering, providing customers what they need and have asked us to provide."

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