Solectria Releases New Line Of String Combiners For PV Systems


Solectria Renewables has introduced a line of heavy-duty string combiners that include a choice of preinstalled 600 VDC fuses for commercial and industrial photovoltaic systems listed to UL1741/IEEE1547.

The 8, 10, 12, or 15 amp fuses are preinstalled in eight to 30 positions. The string combiners also include fuse holders, terminal blocks, ground bars and labeling. In addition, the combiners are packaged in a heavy-gauge, polyester powder-coat painted steel box that is waterproof – a design that has been certified as NEMA 4. The string combiners are also available with labeling for positively grounded PV systems.

The included mounting tab kit can be installed in various orientations, allowing the string combiners to be mounted on rooftops, walls, walkups or under arrays with mounting structures below. In addition, multiple combiners can be used for larger systems.

Solectria Renewables: (562) 608-8913

SOURCE: Solectria Renewables

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