Solectria Renewables Introduces Stainless-Steel String Combiner Box


Solectria Renewables has released a stainless-steel string combiner, which is now available for fused string combining of any commercial photovoltaic system.

Stainless-steel string combiners are perfect for systems located outside that experience harsh weather conditions and require extra protection, Solectria Renewables says. All units are U.S.-made, with fuses included in a NEMA4 or NEMA4X enclosure, and the whole unit is listed to UL1741.

‘The integration of stainless-steel combiner boxes to Solectria's product line was an important addition to ensure that our commercial customers received the best product to withstand the tough environmental conditions encountered in Hawaii,’ notes Ryan McCauley, general manager at Hoku Solar Inc.

Solectria Renewables: (978) 683-9700

SOURCE: Solectria Renewables

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