Solectria Renewables Offering Integrated Panel Assemblies For Solar Inverters


Solectria Renewables has expanded its offerings by introducing American-made integrated panel assemblies for all residential inverters.

A single panel assembly can carry the following: any two inverters ranging from 1.8 kW to 5.3 kW with two maximum power point zones, AC and DC disconnects and a revenue-grade kilowatt-hour meter. Integrators can custom-order panel assemblies up to 10.6 kW AC.

‘Solectria Renewables' integrated panel assembly enables us to accommodate any residential system imaginable – even large systems using two different PV modules on two entirely separate roof spaces,’ says Kevin Price, president of Framingham WinSupply Co., an electrical and renewable energy equipment distributor. ‘The assemblies are easy to install, can be specified exactly to customer needs and have the best options and services available.’
Integrated panel assemblies provide customers with unlimited options for system design, according to Solectria. For added convenience, all units can be specified with Solrenview or Fat Spaniel inverter-direct and/or revenue-grade Web-based monitoring.

Solectria Renewables: (978) 683-9700

SOURCE: Solectria Renewables

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